May 8, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Dave Varwig—Human Performance Improvement

Dave Varwig has worked his entire career as a Safety Professional who stressed the importance of personnel accountability. His safety background comes from the Electric Power Industry including Fermi and Davis-Besse. Michigan OSHA cited his personal safety accountability program as a best practice. He has authored guidance documents, training plans and training modules on Human Performance Tools and techniques.

In an Individual sense: Human Performance Improvement (HPI) reflects a series of behaviors executed to accomplish specific task objectives (results).
In an Organizational sense: HPI is the sum of what people (individuals, leaders, managers) are doing and what people have done; the aggregate system of processes, influences, behaviors, and their ultimate results.

Presenters: Dave Varwig, The Babcock & Wilcox Company