May 8, 2019 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am

Geoff Wolfe—Injury Prevention and the Aging Work Force

Geoff Wolfe is the Senior Manager of Athletico’s Employer Services program – Think of a preventative maintenance, sports medicine, and ergonomics-based system for the working population.
As an ergonomics and human factors specialist, Geoff’s work is focused on designing innovative and proactive musculoskeletal health systems that enhance workforce engagement, performance, and longevity. By providing employees with the right care at the right time, companies can return hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.

Many companies are overpaying for healthcare without the desired results. Musculoskeletal disorders, aka sprains and strains, are at the heart of some of the most expensive health-related events – low back pain, diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. The most successful companies look for ways to increase profit margins or business performance, so why not focus on healthcare as a strategy? Athletico is working on a solution: A tailor-made, preventative maintenance system for the workforce that returns up to 40% of related spend back to the bottom line.

Presenters: Geoff Wolfe, Athletico Employer Services