So You Have a Sub-Contractor – What Are The Requirements? – Heidi Hartman – Eastman and Smith
May 18 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

8:00am to 9:00am
Presenter: Heidi Hartman – Eastman and Smith

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Bio: Heidi Hartman
Heidi N. Hartman is an attorney with the law firm Eastman & Smith, concentrating her practice in the areas of employment law, labor law and related litigation. She has represented large and small employers in a variety of industries — including automotive, education, manufacturing and health care — in a wide assortment of employment matters and disputes. Ms. Hartman counsels employers to resolve situations with their employees and regularly defends employers in litigation if charges are filed in administrative agencies, such as US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and National Labor Relations Board.
Name: Independent Contractors – Classify at your Own Risk

Description: Classifying a worker as an independent contractor is a tempting proposition. You are not required to pay independent contractors the minimum wage or overtime and can reduce payroll taxes. However, are the workers you designate as independent contractors actually employees in the eyes of the law? The independent contractor standard has had dramatic changes in the last few years, making it much more difficult to classify workers as independent contractors and implementing harsh penalties against those employers who improperly classify employees.
This is a presentation to provide training on classifying workers as independent contractors or employees. The presentation describes the benefits and risks of using independent contractors. It also addresses considerations applicable for properly classifying an individual as an independent contractor under (1) the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), pursuant to which courts and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) apply an economic realities test; (2) the IRS common law control test; and (3) the ABC test, which several states use in the unemployment and wage and hour contexts, among others. Additionally, this presentation will cover key strategies to help employers minimize the risk of subcontracting work, such as tips for appropriately documenting and managing a subcontractor relationship.

Intro to Safety under PERRP for Municipalities: Roy Williams – PERRP
May 18 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am

9:15am to 10:15am
Presenter: Roy Williams – PERRP
This presentation will inform the participants of the purpose and mission of the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP), what it enforces, key elements of the program, and PERRP services.

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Bio: Roy Williams
Roy Williams, Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO)
Roy is a Safety and Health Compliance Officer for the State of Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP); In his current capacity, Roy serves a dual role as a compliance officer for safety and health regulatory enforcement for public employers within the State of Ohio, and he performs risk-free consultative services for public employers in the state.

As a safety consultant his assistance services include, hazard identification inspections, training and written program evaluations for adopted Ohio risk reduction standards. Roy’s safety experience includes 24 years as a state employee, 6 years at an automotive metal stamping facility, and industrial/environmental cleaning and response.

Setting Up New Safety Professionals for Success Jim Mangas – Heritage Environmental
May 18 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

10:30am to 11:30am
Presenter: Jim Mangas – Heritage Environmental

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Bio: Jim Mangas
Jim Mangas, Corporate Health & Safety Director for Heritage Environmental Services.
Jim has been working in Industrial Health & Safety for over 20 years. His education, Masters & Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety from Columbia Southern University and is a Certified Safety Professional. He is married to Jill, and they have 4 children, 2 out of the house and 2 still at home. They live near Anna, Ohio.

Setting Up New Safety Professionals for Success
This presentation will give you great tips on how to ensure a new safety professional is set on a path for success. There are so many things to learn as a new safety professional and if we aren’t careful, we can easily send them down a path of failure.
In this presentation we will discuss the blueprint for success and how to create a plan to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. We break this blueprint down into 3 Power Areas: People-Process-Operations. As we examine each power area, we will discuss how using them will ensure a positive outcome for the new safety professional.

May 18 @ 11:45 am – 12:30 pm
2 Tuff 2 Talk – Greg Burkhart – AGC of NWOH
May 18 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

12:30pm to 1:30pm
Presenter: Greg Burkhart – AGC of NWOH

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Bio: Greg Burkhart
Greg is currently the Director of Safety and Training with the Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio as well as Ohio/Michigan NECA. His love for safety started 40 years ago when he started as a volunteer in the fire service. In 1989 he became a fulltime Paramedic/Firefighter, retiring from the fire service in 2014. Greg has always had a passion for helping others. In 2018, while attending an AGC of America Safety Conference, he had the opportunity to listen to Cal Beyer, Vice President of Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing for CSDZ, and a nationally known speaker, discuss Suicide Prevention in Construction. Greg’s passion for helping others made him realize that he needed to bring this message back to Toledo to educate union construction in Northwest Ohio.

Greg talked to the AGC Safety Committee about developing a program for suicide prevention in construction. With that discussion 2tuff2talk was born. 2tuff2talk is a resource for union construction workers in Northwest Ohio to find resources available to them through their EAP (Employee Assistance Programs). is the website for union construction.

Work Zone Safety and Motoring Through a Highway Work Zone – Jared Clum – The Gerken Companies
May 18 @ 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

1:45pm to 2:45pm
Presenter: Jared Clum – The Gerkin Companies

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Bio: Jared Clum
Jared Clum is an EHS manager for Gerken Paving. He oversees all roadway construction safety. Jared has been in a safety role with Gerken Paving since 2018. Jared is an ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor, an ATSSA FIT instructor, and teaches temporary traffic control. Jared has an associate degree in construction management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety through Columbia Southern University. Jared has the COSS certification, the OSHA 510 certification, and is working towards the OSHA 500.

The Work Zone Safety presentation will discuss the basic principles of a roadway work zone. Both, 4-lane highway and for a 2- lane road with flaggers. This presentation will give you the basic understanding and principles of how work zones are set up, where flaggers should be positioned in a flagger operation, and the importance of motorist respect and safety.

OSHA’s Proposed Heat Stress Requirement/OSHA Happenings/New Area Director – Todd Jensen – OSHA
May 18 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Presenter: Todd Jensen – OSHA

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Bio: Todd Jensen
Todd Jensen- Area Director U.S Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Todd has worked for OSHA for 24 years and was recently promoted to Area Director for the Toledo Area office in November 2021 covering 26 counties in Northwest Ohio. Todd specializes in foundries, steel mills, heavy manufacturing, and Process Safety Management.

OSHA’s Heat Stress Program
This presentation will be covering OSHAs heat stress emphasis program, elements of a heat stress program, and an OSHA enforcement update.

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